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Single mother gets boost to start cosmetology business.

Shamika Henry, a mother of one, on Tuesday received a quantity of cosmetology equipment to launch her cosmetology business from the Social Protection Ministry, through its Gender Affairs Bureau and the Humanitarian Mission Guyana Incorporated.

Shamika Henry receiving her donation from a representative of the Social Protection Ministry

The single mother told reporters that the donation would help herself and her

teenage son a great deal, since she has encountered a number of challenges as a single parent. However, the woman said she was determined to beat poverty by using her skills to earn a living. Henry said owing to the COVID-19 pandemic she lost her “steady job”.
“I am going to start my own business even if I have to go house to house to do my work. I provide manicures, pedicures, and also hair treatment. Today I received a dryer, foot spa and hair curlers among other necessities to independently do what I love,” Henry remarked happily
According to the single mother, once the pandemic is over, she will be pursuing studies in cosmetology to qualify herself, so that she can provide quality service to her customers.
Meanwhile, the equipment was handed over by Dr Suresh Sugrim, a representative of the US-based Humanitarian Mission Guyana Incorporated.
Additionally, Senior Affairs Officer within the Gender Affairs Bureau, Hemwattie Lagan underscored that the department plans to provide resources to empower individuals so that they can transform their lives.

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